Gamestars League to be postponed till Autumn

Due to summer holidays, vacations, many participants notified us that they will not be able to participate in the Gamestars League. That’s why we decided to postpone the start of the second season until early Autumn to make Gamestars League available for participation for all participants.

Registration dates for all regions have changed. Registration will end:

  •  Turkey: 12th of September
  •  Russia: 12th of September
  •  France: 25th of September
  •  Ukraine: 7th of October 
  •  Poland: 7th of October
  •  Wildcard #1: 21st of October
  •  Wildcard #2: 21st of October
  •  Wildcard #3: 25th of September

The Schedule of the 1st Round will be released on the next day after registration ends, with matches starting the day after.

To register in the Brawl Stars Gamestars League follow the link:

Qualifiers Finals and International matches are broadcasted on the League’s official channels:

Check out updated dates of the Rounds and National Finals in the rulebook.