XO Free Agents won the first season of Brawl Stars Gamestars League

A trio of XO Free Agents took first place in first season of the Brawl Stars Gamestars League and received the lion's share of the $30,000 total prize pool.

In the group stage, the XO Free Agents team proved themselves as a strong competitor. In the playoffs, the team has won every match, overcoming two teams from Germany and AC Milan QLASH in the Grand Final with a score of 3:1.

All the participants of the Brawl Stars Gamestars League who entered the top-16 received their share of the prize pool. The prize pool distribution is below:

  •  1 place - $10,000 - XO Free Agents
  •  2 place - $5,600 - AC Milan QLASH
  •  3-4 place - $2,400 - SK Gaming, Reply Totem
  •  5-8 place - $1,200 - BIG, F/A Kozaki, ZeroZone Spain, NaVi
  •  9-12 place - $800 - Noble elite, Tea Drinkers, Blood diamond russia, 3t gaming
  •  13-16 place - $800 - Team Activium, Bojo's barmy army, Unima Gaming CIS, Mood Gaming

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